The HODL Wallet


What is the HODL wallet used for?

Anyone familiar with the current state of cryptocurrency knows how important it is to keep your private keys safe and secure. the HODL wallet provides an indestructible and offline safe haven for your private keys, mnemonics, and other seeds, thus removing the risk of having your private keys stolen or destroyed. 

Why is it the safest wallet on the market?

Leaving your crypto assets on exchanges leaves them vulnerable to hackers. All software wallets accessible online are hosted by third-parties, meaning your online wallet is actually being stored on a sever somewhere that is also vulnerable to hackers and/or the malpractice of these third-parties. Desktop client wallets can be exposed via malware, and saving your private keys on your computer and/or flash drives leaves them susceptible to these devices crashing, files being destroyed, or the hardware being damaged. Paper wallets remove the risk of hackers online, but are susceptible to water damage, fires, crumbling/ripping, etc. 

If you truly want to keep your private keys out of the reach of hackers and safe from the elements, the HODL wallet is the best option for you. Offline means hackers can not access it, and indestructible means you don't have to worry about it being destroyed.

Is it truly indestructible?

While we have not tested whether or not it can survive a nuclear holocaust, the HODL wallet will protect your private key better than any other wallet on the market.

Made from AISI 316 stainless steel, the HODL wallet can withstand temperatures of roughly 1400°C, an ultimate tensile strength of 520 MPa, electrically resistant and is waterproof and corrosion resistant. 

What if my seed is longer than 96 characters?

BIP39 format is used to create seeds due to the fact that the first 4 letters of each word is unique from one another. That means with with a 24 word mnemonic, you only need to utilize the first 4 letters of each word to successfully recover your wallet, resulting in a total of 96 characters. 

Can I store other passwords?

Absolutely, you can utilize the 96 available spaces however you'd like. We provide tiles for all alphabetic, numeric and special characters so you can choose what you'd like to secure in the HODL wallet.

What is the return policy?

If you are not satisfied with the HODL wallet, or you are experiencing any other issues with the product, please contact We are very responsive and will get back to you within 48 hours to settle any issues you may be experiencing. 

Are your blueprints publicly available?

Yes, the HODL wallet was created under a liberal Creative Commons license. You can find the HODL wallet blueprints here.